Jews and Food

Do you like to eat?

Do you care about where your food comes from?

Do you enjoy cooking with friends?

Do you try to eat locally and sustainably grown produce?

Are you interested in meeting other green-minded young adult Jews?

Does the idea of cooking alongside Seattle's finest chefs sound interesting?

Are you interested in the relationship between Jewish life and the natural world?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then you might be interested in joining Jconnect's new Jews and Food Initiative. This initiative was created as an opportunity for Jewish young adults to come together around a variety of food related interests and concerns including sustanable food systems and hunger relief, cooking and community.

Currently, the Food Initiative has two primary components - Jharvest, a Jewish Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project in which we are working to support local sustainable agriculture through buying shares in a local organic farm and a Jews and Food Cooking Series in which we are learning cooking techniques and special recipes from Seattle's finest Jewish chefs.

Cooking Series

Jharvest, a project of Jconnect Seattle, is an innovative venture in Jewish Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Through Jharvest, Jewish graduate students, young professionals and their friends have the opportunity to support a local family farm and to eat fresh, organic, delicious produce.

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Oxbow Farm
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What better way to bring Jews and Food together than through Jconnect Seattle's Cooking Series. Join us for special cooking classes with renound chefs from the area as well as other special food-related events. 

More Coming Soon!

Karen Binder from Madison Park Cafe
Sephardic Jewish Flavors
Baking with Bubbe
Tu B'shevat Celebration and Seven Course Meal
Hamentashen Baking with Bubbe

The Jharvest project has four primary goals:

* To raise awareness in the Jewish community around issues of environmental sustainability, especially how it relates to food and food systems
* To put Jewish purchasing power behind local organic agriculture
* To educate ourselves and others about the deep relationship between the Jewish tradition, agriculture and the natural world
* To build a strong community of Jewish young adults who are passionate about the nexus of food, Judaism and sustainability

Jharvest is one of over 30 Jewish Community Supported Agriculture projects currently active across the country and around the world. The Jewish environmental organization Hazon
has been instrumental in visioning and supporting this exciting movement of Jewish CSA's Tuv Ha'Aretz program as well as other food related work in the Jewish community. Jconnect Seattle is proud to be part of the emerging Jewish Food Movement!

Oxbow Organic Farm, located in the Snoqualmie Valley, is a ten acre mixed vegetable, tree fruit, and berry farm bordering an "oxbow" lake.


How it works:
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, where members commit to buying a share to Oxbow farm for the growing season and pick up a weekly box of fresh, organic produce at Hillel at the University of Washington.

Oxbow CSA Season:
Every Thursday afternoon from June to October (20 weeks)

Pick Up Location:
Hillel at the University of Washington
4745 17th Avenue NE Seattle, WA

  Cooking Class with Karen Binder from Madison Park CafĂ©
Sunday, March 15, 2009

Join Karen Binder, the owner of Madison Park Cafe, for a fun and hands-on cooking class. For nearly 30 years, her restaurant has served some of Seattle's finest French Bistro food, and has received recognition as"Best Restaurant to Eat Outdoors," "Best Outdoor Brunch Dining," and "Top Ten Brunches in Seattle" from publications including Seattle Weekly and Sunset Magazine. Karen will teach everyone how to cook a full meal, including an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert.

Sephardic Jewish Flavors:
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hands on Cooking Class with Chef Shannon from Whole Foods. Sephardic cuisine refers to the foods eaten by a large and diverse group of Jews that bear the unique stamp of their regions of origin, which include Spain, North Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans, and Turkey.

Baking with Bubbe:
Sunday, January 25, 2009

Learn from some of the finest bakers around...the residents of Kline Galland! Everyone at Kline Galland home has years of experience as Jewish Grandmothers and Grandfathers, and the bubbes are excited to get in the kitchen and bake!

Tu B'shevat Celebration and Seven Course Meal:
Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tu B'Shvat is a wonderful festival that celebrates the cycles of the natural world and the place of humans in nature. We celebrate the abundance of nature through a ritual meal, based around the Passover Seder, of fruits, nuts and wine. Our Seder will be part mystical, part environmental, part historical and all parts fun! Following the Seder we will enjoy a gourmet meal prepared by wonderful local chef Julie Negrin. This multi-course meal will highlight the biblical seven species associated with the Land of Israel.

Hamentashen Baking with Bubbe: Sunday, January 25, 2009

Learn how to bake hamentashen and Sephardic baked goods from the bubbes at The Summit!


Certified Organic, locally grown seasonal vegetables from Oxbow Farm. A full share will feed four people or two strict vegetarians. A half share will feed two people or one strict vegetarian. Its contents will reflect the growing season: the very start of each season is primarily leafy greens, soon becoming hefty, bountiful boxes full of the deversity of prodcue our region can grow. You'll experience the true nature of farming and eating seasonally.

Share Price:                                    (Breaks down to $15-$30 a week depending on share size)
Full: $618
Half: $318

To sign up for a share, fill out the Membership Registration Form.


The integration of tzedekah (lit. justice or righteousness) into the very fabric of our project is one of the features that makes this a distinctly Jewish CSA. The obligation to care for the hungry in our midst is a primary obligation in Judaism and one that Jharvest takes seriously. At the same time that we will be feeding ourselves healhty organic produce, we are committed to also sharing the bounty of the harvest with the poor in our community. We are requiring that every member of the Jharvest CSA contribute at least $18 towards a tzedekah fund (included in the share price). We strongly encourage you to give more than $18 if you are able. ALL of the tzedekah funds will be used to support hunger relief work in the Seattle area.